Diana Ross at Jersey Boys

Diana Ross

Last night, we had the pleasure of meeting Miss Diana Ross after our performance. I try not to look out in the audience during the show until the finale. And I hate to know if anyone “famous” is out in the house for a performance, at least until the 2nd Act. It makes me self-conscious and takes me out of being Mary or the other characters.

But this time, we had advance notice she would be out there and desiring photos with the cast after the show. Well, my eyes went right her in the audience. She was wearing all white and the silhouette of her hair was glorious. She was so complimentary and gracious and funny. She said she knew every song, and Bob Gaudio happened to be there last night, along with our amazing writers Rick Elice and Marshall Brickman. Bob Crewe had seen the show the previous night and he’s always so upbeat and enthusiastic.

We are really blessed to be surrounded by such amazingly gifted giants, with huge hearts and gentle humility. I love that quality in any person.

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