Oh What A NIGHT!!!!!!!!!

Last night’s show (August 22) was something else. To start, Dominic Nolfi was going to play Tommy for his first time after playing practically every other character in Jersey Boys but the women…so far. And Matthew Scott was to be Bob Gaudio, and Heather Ferguson was on for Lorraine…As if that wasn’t exciting enough, we were holding the curtain because our sound system crashed. Now I’m not a technical computer wizard type…but needless to say, we waited for 30 minutes to start, and when we did sing “Ces Soir Eh La” and “Tommy” starts his speech, there was no sound, and when we sang, we heard the worst kind of backup music…and we had to start all over again. So…they made another announcement and we started the show all over again. The audience was going nuts clapping at everything. Our sound designer, Julie is amazing and she mixed our whole show manually. I’m not sure what that means—only to say we couldn’t hear anything backstage;we had no sound effects; we could not talk backstage, cuz everything we said or sang was heard onstage and the band heard everything (even using the toilet) in their headsets. We were so relieved when the entire audience was on their feet at the end of the show. Kudos to Dominic and Julie for being so calm and cool..oh, and Matthew too..as his mic went out during “Cry For Me,” and as a waitress, I stood by him at the piano and held to his mouth a handmic…This is why I prefer live theatre to anything else…. Also it was nice to meet Kay and her family. She surprised her mom and dad for their 30th anniversary by bringing them to this eventful night. Thanks for saying hello, Kay.

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  1. jocelyn on August 23rd, 2006

    I came across your blog while looking through technorati for entries about Jersey Boys. I was at the show Tuesday night (8/22). From the audience, we never would have guessed that the technical hiccup was not fully resolved. The show was AMAZING. We all thought it would be a fun night out, but it far surpassed any of my group’s expectations. What a treat! I wish there were more shows like Jersey Boys, I would definitely troop into the city more often. Bravo! We all can’t stop talking about what a great show it is.

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